Duncan just below Jade Drop

Bridge river

Seaton Lake dam; Mark, Rob, and Kelly The Bridge river is near Lillooet, northeast of Whistler. This evil dam keeps most of the water out of the river, but in the summer of '97 there was a lot of snowmelt and the turbines broke down for a while, so there was enough water in the Bridge to paddle on. A local guy we talked to said that actually more water was being diverted than was legal, and that the local people had been trying to get that corrected for years so they could get their river back. During that high water summer there were studies going on to see how many fish would be in the river if there was water for them. I think the answer was: lots, but I don't know if anything is being done to improve things.

There are two runs on the river: the dam to Yalakom River, and Yalakom River to the Fraser. At low water levels you have to run from the Yalakom down because there's no water before the Yalakom comes in. Even this is about a five or six hour run. There's a bridge half way down this second run that you can hike into and run the second half of the second half, which cuts out some flatwater, but then you miss Jade Drop.

The Bridge appears in one of Betty Pratt-Johnson's books. The only thing to watch out for is that she talks about running Crane's Ledges, which seemed like a bad idea to us (we saw some really good paddlers get trashed in there), but rates Hard Hat Drop class five or something, which it isn't. Probably the river has changed since she was there.

Gary in Hard Hat Drop

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Bridge river from the road collosseum

Duncan, me, and Mark me just below Jade Drop me just below Jade Drop blue fruit roll-ups! ender spot ender spot Kelly doing an ender me doing a flop

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