East Cariboo

falls on the Cariboo river in winter Cariboo falls in the winter. (Photo by Kelly.)
See Kelly's photos of Helmcken Falls.

Teapot mountain, in the Cariboo mountains, near Quesnel Lake. In the picture on the left, the long skinny gaps in the trees you can see in the distance are avalanche trails and the blocky gaps are big clearcuts.

view from somewhere on Teapot mountain Gary at Teapot

Chilcotin area

Kelly's photos of Big Creek Canyon
I had two co-op terms doing aerial pest survey for the Ministry of Forests. The first year I was there I got to fly the mountains in the Southwest Chilcotin. The scenery was amazing. Chilko lake really is that colour. Chilko Lake hanging valley near the
Tiedemann glacier

Homathko ice field These pictures are of the Homathko icefield. No bark beetles up there, but we couldn't resist taking a five-minute detour. These pictures were taken in early September, when the amount of snow is at a minimum. Tiedemann glacier