Upper Fraser

The Fraser river is the huge river of B.C., running into the ocean at Vancouver and starting way up the province. The section that is good for kayaking is quite high up where the volume is still reasonably low. We went and ran the section above Overlander Falls and the canyon below with the take-out at Mt. Robson park at the end of August in '98, '99, 2000, and 2001. (Only a few brave souls (not me) ran the canyon in '99, as the water was higher that year.)

These pictures were taken in '98, which was the first year we were there. We were paddling with three people from Washington and Oregon, one of which Kay Denfeld, who was killed in June 2001 on the Sauk River. (I don't know this river; it's apparently pretty serious.) I really enjoyed meeting and paddling with Kay. We were all impressed by her elegance on the river, just knowing where she wanted to be and being there, and she was fun to be with. Memorial page.

Gary took these pictures at the terminator which is the major drop of the canyon. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

Me going straight down the middle and having an uneventful run. This was actually the only time out of three days that I didn't flip.
Kelly going for the river right line and regretting it when he gets turned around and goes in again. We gave away the picture, but Clifford, who went down after him actually ran into him because he was hanging around the hole so long.
Jason in his trusty X. Who didn't see that backender coming?
Duncan taking one of his patented Watson lines and getting away with it. The only guy who didn't flip once in the three days we ran this.

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