El Salto

LR: We put-in by dropping into the river off the platform below the bridge. The cement bridge stucture is reinforced with wooden beams. Does not look too sturdy.

25 Footer
LR: It doesn't look like its 25 feet high.
Kelly: This is looking at the top of the falls

25 Footer
Kelly: This falls is 25 feet. Intimidating.
Sheldon: Thump-thump, thump-thump. At the top of the falls, if you can't spit, don't try to run it!



Sheldon: Hey, isn't that paddle supposed to be kept low on the deck?! It makes my nose hurt just looking at this.


25 Footer
Kelly: Looks like Scott

25 Footer
Kelly: You want to avoid getting trashed on river-right side of the waterfall so I was taking no chances.

Sheldon: Oh, that soft landing. Thank goodness for well aerated water.

Leo Boofs
Kelly: Leo in the Boof competition

Leo runs a rapid
Kelly: Pop through the rocks on the left of the picture, aim left and paddle

Sheldon: I'll never forget this drop. I have a scar on my right elbow as a lifelong reminder.
Kelly: Same rapid as one above (Leo running) seen from below


Kelly: Leo was so eager to run the waterfalls I never seemed to get a picture of him coming over

Leo: Grant showing his stuff on a drop

Falls at Takeout
LR: The falls at the take-out on the El Salto are 90 feet high

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