Santa Maria

Kelly: Village at the Santa Maria put-in. People came down to watch us leave at the river

Kelly: Carrying the boat down to the putin

Kelly: Americans say "port-age" Canadians say "port-ashe"

Evil Grant
Kelly: With two of the paddlers on river-left with a hard ferry to take the safe route on river-right Grant asks me "You got a camera? This is going to be good!" The two falls on the right side of the picture are the way you don't want to go…

Sheldon Swims
Kelly: …which is where Sheldon went. I snapped this picture at waist level without looking through the viewfinder. He got tossed around and pulled his spray skirt. We saw him surface in the hole a couple times; throw bags were thrown but to no effect. Eventually (it seemed like a long time) I could see him get washed up against the rock wall underwater and kick off to escape. I haven't paddled that long but it was the worst swim I've seen!

Kelly: These falls at the take out were amazing. The picture, however, is poor.

Kelly: Falls at the take out. This is a poor picture of them

Kelly: Me trying to ender

Kelly: Sheldon succeeding. That rotten water spot on the lens.


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